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Termite Inspection Report

In need of a termite inspection in Nashville? An inspection will be performed on the exterior perimeter of the home, any areas inside the home that are built on a slab (garage, converted garage, or basement), and the crawl space area of the home.

The inside living areas of the home will be inspected if any questionable areas are discovered during the inspection.

The inspection report will be issued at the completion of the inspection if the inspection does not show any evidence of termite infestation.

If there is evidence of infestation, an estimate will be offered at that time for a termite treatment to remedy the infestation.

For HUD, FHA, or VA purposes an infestation does not have to be active to be of concern. Evidence of an infestation can consist of several things including termite shelter tubes, termite damage, or wood debris that has termite infestation. For this reason live termites may not be present for an estimate to be offered.

Your Nashville termite inspector and the Pest Inc. team will do everything possible to see that the termite inspection will not impede the closing of the property. So contact Pest Inc. today to receive your Nashville termite inspection report.